How Air Pollution Impacts Pregnancy

Human beings can’t live without air, water and nutrients which are essential to maintain a healthy living and above all, to survive. For the past few daces eyebrows are raised over the concerns of deteriorating health conditions owing to polluted environment. With the expansion of various factories and industrial sites the idea of ‘fresh’ air has become oblivious. The industrial waste has successfully contaminated the water and soil, moreover the harmful gas and smoke emitted by the factories has been polluting the air. Deforestation, continuous smoke and chemicals emitted by the vehicles, secondhand smoke.

The results of air pollution are far reached causing severe health problems including asthma, allergy, congestion, irritation of the sinus, eye related problems, major respiratory diseases and even cancer. The health problems caused by air pollution not only affect the adults but also the children. Poor health conditions among the children and infants are often initiated by inferior quality of air and the problem starts right from the pregnancy.

According to studies, air pollution has severe impact during pregnancy. As and when one gets pregnant, the embryo draws all necessary nutrients vital for its growth directly from the mother’s body. The health condition of the mother impacts the growth and well-being of the baby inside. Depending on the data, the researchers have revealed that poor quality of air can cause low birth weight among the newborn. Pre-mature delivery is another issue. Additionally, the newborn may already have developed respiratory problems.

Ideally, the newborn must weigh between 6-9 pounds after birth but studies have proved the air pollution can cause low birth weight. In the US 1 in every 12 children suffer from a low birth weight. Similarly, pre-mature birth is also a concern. The researchers from the University of York have claimed that the US alone witnesses approximately 3 million premature birth cases each year. Breathing problems such as asthma is also noted among the newborn due to air pollution. Additionally, miscarriage among the pregnant women is also noted which is believed to be due to poor air quality.

We care for the well-being of the pregnant mothers and children and therefore, we have suggested some points that can help reduce the complications contributed by air pollution.

Light exercises recommended by physical trainers should be practiced regularly to keep you fit during pregnancy. Exercising will regulate blood circulation in all parts of your body including embryo. Additionally, yoga also helps in certain respiratory problems.

Eat Healthy
Get used to eating more organic and naturally grown vegetables and fruits. Depending on your diet you can add milk and non-vegetarian sources of protein.

Outdoor Activities
The quality of air in the early morning is better compared to later in the day. Go for a walk early morning. If you live near the beaches, it is an added advantage. You may also plan your vacations with your partner away from the noise and pollution, preferably where you see lush green valleys or thickly wooded forests. The reason for doing so is to grab fresh air that you are devoid of in the crowded cities.

Avoid Air Conditioners
Air conditioner is no more a luxury, and almost every household has at least one AC unit installed. Living in a centrally air conditioned house may sound nice but it also cases health problems. Dry nose, allergy, dry and irritated sinus are common problems for staying in the AC. Rather, you can let the windows open, and switch on a ceiling fan or a tower fan when you are indoors. This way you can also build the capacity to withstand natural climatic conditioners, rather than living in a controlled atmosphere.

Air Purifiers
When you are indoors, you can use air purifiers to improve the air quality inside. While doing so, it is important to remember that not letting fresh wind or sunlight in is also harmful for health. You can keep the windows open for good air circulation in the morning.

Plant Trees
It goes without saying that trees give you clean and fresh air. Plant more trees if you have a garden. Apartment gardening is also becoming popular among people. Talk to an expert on setting up a small garden on the roof or the balcony.

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