Let’s Take Women Seriously

I never took my health seriously. I ate unhealthy and never worked out, because I thought that I could get by. I was a curvy girl, with extra pounds, but I thought I could do anything just like anyone else.

Then, one day, my minivan got a flat tire as I was driving to work. I expected that changing a tire would be easy, but as I lugged the best aluminum car jack out of the trunk and tried removing the bolts off the tire, I was out of breath. I wasn’t strong enough to do any of it, and it took long enough that eventually someone had to pull over and help me.

It was so embarrassing.

Since that incident, I realized that health was more about looking good. Health means being capable of taking care of myself and not being able to do simple tasks, like changing a flat tire. After that, I’ve committed myself to making a change.

This started with small steps, aiming to introduce healthier foods and trying a simple walk during my lunch break. I didn’t want to rush myself into a strict routine, simply because it would prevent me from losing hope and motivation. The smaller steps worked amazing!

I found support from family and friends who were interested with improving their own lifestyles. We built a support system and created small stepping stones to work towards our ultimate goals. The overwhelming support made it so much easier to stay on track together, especially in a non-competitive but helpful way.

When smaller steps became too easy, I decided to join a fun Zumba class. I wanted to enjoy my exercise, and just through the constant practice, I could feel my strength constantly growing. My endurance increased, and I could go for longer walks, lift heavier items, and more!

My healthy eating made a huge difference in my energy. Suddenly, I was able to get out of bed faster in the morning, I needed less caffeine, and I felt an increase in my positive attitude. I’ve started to eat more veggies and fruits as well as drinking more water. The change in diet really has made a different, and I have felt between the exercise and the healthy food that my body has become more muscular and leaner.

The most important thing that I have learned in improving my health is taking it one day at a time. Sometimes, I have set backs where I may not exercise for a few days or eat unhealthy on a vacation. Enjoying the little things in life is alright, and accepting that you won’t work out or eat healthy 10% of the time is party of that. I’ve still made a huge impact on myself and now, I have rapidly improved myself.

Taking a positive approach to improving my health made me start to accomplish more things that I never thought about. I have more energy for my kids and job. I still haven’t had to change a flat tire since that day, but I am positive that I can accomplish it now.

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