Protect Your Child from Burns

Parenting is a lot more fun when you are aware and responsible. Protecting your children from the harm and ensuring their safety is the sole concern for us too, and that is why we want to share how to keep your child safe from burn and injuries.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US, over 300 burn cases are reported daily where the patients belong to the age group of 0 to 19. The cases of scald burns and electrical injuries are not uncommon. In order to prevent the risks of burn, as a responsible parent, you can follow these simple steps:

Set the Water Heater Temperature
The infants and children are sensitive to temperature because their skin is tender. The baby soft skin can burn instantly when comes in contact with slightly hot water. So you need to set the temperature of the water heater below the risk level.
Preferably, the temperature should be set below 1200 F. In order to set the temperature you can use the temperature control panel in the water heater or fix a thermostat.
Even though you have lowered the temperature, avoid pouring hot directly from the water heater when bathing your child without checking. Dip your fingers in the hot water bucket or tub and see if the water is mildly warm. Remember, a baby does not need the water super hot or will burn the skin.

Keep the electrical Appliances Out of Reach
The HVAC appliances for home heating and cooling should be installed at a safe distance that is out of reach for your children. Be extra cautious if you have a tankless gas-fired water heater because the combustion chamber near the burner is hot when in use.
If the heated surface comes in contact with skin, it may cause severe damage. Ideally, you should not leave your child anywhere near the water heater machine.
Also, keep the microwave at a comfortable height and see the wires are beyond reach.
Similarly, you should also install the electric fireplace at a safe corner of the house. If you have a real fireplace, make sure the furnace is protected.
Always unplug the iron after use and never leave your baby near the hot iron. It is extremely risky and can cause fatal injuries.

Ensure Fire Safety
Are the fire alarms working? Keep an eye on the fire alarms to ensure safety. Routinely run tests and make sure the smoke detecting devices and the fire alarms are running fine.
Buy good quality fire extinguishers and keep them in the house so you can use in the case of an emergency. And always keep them out of reach.

Never Leave your Child Alone
Supervise the activities of your children and never leave them alone. Children are always curious and in your absence, they may unknowingly do harm to themselves.
Experts say that children below six years should not be left alone in the bathroom with hot water running. Accompanying your children and guiding them will easily eliminate the risk of burn.
The experts from the Stanford Children’s Health department have outlined a number of instances of burn and instructions to avoid them. Summarizing the points we advise you to be constantly watchful for your baby. Even sun damages can burn your baby’s skin, so protect your kids from sunburn. Finally, never delay in seeking medical help to save your child when you notice injuries. If you follow these small tips you can easily protect your child from a burn.


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