Why should I Take a HypnoFertility Foundation class?

The HypnoFertility Foundation was founded in the United States by Lynsi Eastburn (BCH) and Art Leidecker (BCH) to provide specialist support to HypnoFertility Therapists and their Clients across the globe. With several international offices, the HypnoFertility Foundation provides 1st class training and support to therapists so they can provide 1st class HypnoFertility therapy and support to couples in the process of becoming pregnant. We have therapists based in the USA, UK, France, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Finland, Holland, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland and United Arab Emirates. This list keeps on growing.

The HypnoFertility Foundation provides training to professionals such as Doctors, Midwives, Fertility nurses, Doulas, NLP Practitioners, Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists, and many others, who wish to work in the fields of Fertility by Hypnosis and Birth by Hypnosis. The HypnoFertility Foundation also offers basic Hypnosis training to professionals who wish to add this valuable tool to their practice.

The HypnoFertility foundation courses were in the past offered through various organisations such as the HypnoBirthing Institute. As our global HypnoFertility community grew, it became apparent that out HypnoFertility graduates and their clients needed a fertility focused organisation that could offer specialist support, for therapists working in the field of Fertility hypnosis.
The HypnoFertility Foundation fully supports the flexibility of therapists to adapt to meet the individual client needs. The HypnoFertility Foundation understands that flexibility is paramount to achieving the best possible outcome for clients.

Our HypnoFertility therapists are able to work with couples from pre-conception, right the way through to the post-natal period. The training provided by the HypnoFertility Foundation has been tried and tested by our Therapists and their Clients for over 10 years. This training is now only available through the HypnoFertility Foundation.

All our trainers have:

  • Extensive experience in the fields of Hypnosis, Fertility hypnosis, and training.
  • Have been trained in Hypnosis by some of the best Hypnosis organisations in the world.
  • Have thousands of HypnoFertility client hours, so can teach from experience and provide regional based case studies.
  • Understand individual needs of their regions dynamics, such as the current medical fertility protocols in their region, availability of fertility treatment, Funding, language etc.
  • Have a wealth other relevant experience such as, professional experience, personal experience of Infertility, and a wide range of hypnotherapeutic skills.
  • Are insured.
  • Are experts in the field of Fertility Hypnosis.

Our Motto is “Support and not control”, at the HypnoFertility Foundation inc we embrace the diversity of our therapist’s skills and knowledge, we believe in flexibility and treat you as the professional individual that you are. Our courses will provide you with the knowledge, skills and methods you need, as well as a sound HypnoFertility and Birth by Hypnosis frame work, so that you can meet the individual needs of each client you work with.

All our Fertility by Hypnosis and Birth by Hypnosis Consultants have access to a large and varied range of resources, they are also placed on our register making them easy for the public to find.

Please visit it our Fertility by Hypnosis Training, Birth by Hypnosis Training and Essential Hypnotic Techniques Training pages for course content, prices and booking.

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